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Qingdao green macro machinery manufacturing Co., LTD.
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Any use of the company's products, I guarantee to do the following:

For products according to IS09001: 2000 international quality standards for production and supervision.

Our service uses the "Haier model", after acceptance of delivery of the product, free of charge to the customer's operating personnel training system, the contents of training include: function, and correct operation, precautions, routine maintenance, fault emergency treatment.

Equipment warranty for one year, and the emergence of all fault a quality problem caused by normal use during the warranty period, the company for free repair or replacement. After a year, I will continue to provide a paid service, maintenance and repair services.

Equipment failure to ensure that our service personnel received a telephone within 12 hours of departure, the fastest rushed to the scene, timely troubleshooting.

The company produces equipment used computer management, user comments, feedback quality books, equipment inspection records all entered into the computer to ensure that the equipment is reliable.

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